Collection: Mars transit in Aries

During the Mars transit in Aries, each zodiac sign can benefit from specific stones to harness the energy positively and maintain balance.

  • Aries should wear carnelian to enhance courage and creativity.
  • Taurus can benefit from rose quartz to promote calmness and emotional stability.
  • Gemini should wear agate for focus and balance.
  • Cancer can use moonstone for emotional calmness and balance.
  • Leo benefits from sunstone for vitality and optimism.
  • Virgo should wear citrine for optimism and creativity.
  • Libra can use rose quartz for love and emotional healing.
  • Scorpios can wear red jasper to ground their energy and promote inner strength.
  • Sagittarius benefits from turquoise for communication and intuition.
  • Capricorn should wear garnet for motivation and grounding.
  • Aquarius can use amethyst for intuition and clarity.
  • Pisces should wear aquamarine for clarity and emotional resilience.