Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of wearing stone and crystal bead jewelry?

Many people believe that different stones and crystals possess unique healing properties that can promote well-being in various aspects of life. They are also enjoyed for their beauty and energetic qualities.

What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are seeds from the Elaeocarpus tree, considered sacred in Hinduism. They are believed to offer spiritual and medicinal benefits to the wearer.

How do I choose the right stone or crystal for me?

Different stones and crystals are believed to address different needs and intentions. Consider what you are hoping to achieve by wearing your jewelry, and browse our selection by crystal type or browse our guides on the website.

How do I care for my stone and crystal bead jewelry?

Most stone and crystal beads can be cleansed with water. Some may be more delicate and require gentler cleaning methods. We recommend researching the specific needs of each stone or crystal you have. Avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged sun exposure.

Are your stone and crystal beads genuine?

We only source our beads from reputable suppliers and strive to ensure all our stones and crystals are genuine.

What are the different types of Rudraksha?

Rudraksha beads come with varying numbers of furrows (mukhis). Each mukhi is believed to have unique properties. We recommend browsing our Rudraksha selection or contacting us for guidance on choosing the right Rudraksha for your needs.

How do I care for my Rudraksha beads?

Traditionally, Rudraksha are treated with respect. Some recommend cleansing them with holy water or milk and avoiding wearing them during impure activities. We recommend researching proper Rudraksha care practices.

Can anyone wear Rudraksha?

Yes, Rudraksha can be worn by people of any faith.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policy page for details on our return window and procedures.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and depend on your order total and shipping method selected.

Still have questions?

Contact us if you have any questions not addressed here. We're happy to help!